Coming-of-age stories that will make us laugh, cry, and reflect on our own experiences. Tales on the many emotions we feel while taking the big leap from youth to adulthood. Even Though we might not always have someone accompanying us on our sides, these films show us that we are truly never alone.

Waking Up In Vegas – Michèle Flury, Switzerland
Little God – Farah Malek, Iran
Cut – Samuel Lucas Allen, Australia
Road To Elkef – Ihsen Kammoun, Tunisia – United States
Almost Home – Nils Keller, Germany
Lockdown – Luis Fernando Aguilar Ruíz, Mexico
If I Were You – Kate O’Sullivan, Australia
Ily, Bye – Taylor James, United States


If you are ready to feel your stomach ache from laughing too hard, this is the block for you. Stories, ranging from light to dark, that will make us laugh with each other and at ourselves. These emerging filmmakers bring their unique sense of humor and creativity to the screen, delivering side-splitting moments and unforgettable punchlines.

Wüm – Anna Margaret Hollyman, United States
Barry Vs The Binman – Craig Moore, Ireland
A Wedding Day – Brendan Beachman, United States
The Mountain – Will Mayo, Ian Scott McGregor, United States
Ham – Fiona Hampton, United Kingdom
I’m A Good Person – Tamsin Topolski, United Kingdom
You’re Invited to Tuscan’s 5th Birthday Party! – Lee Eddy, United States
Mazal Tov – Noa Maiman, Israel
Tula – Bea de Silva, Spain
Welcome Home – Amanda Nalbant Nordpoll, Norway
Compost – Johanna Bros, France


Frightening films that will force us to latch onto our seats, sending thrills up and down our spines. These films masterfully build suspense and dread, using innovative techniques to create unforgettable horror experiences. Never knowing what to expect, beware when the lights go out…

Featherfoot – Ryan Graeme Allen, Australia
Floater – D.M. Harring, United States
The Gourd, The Brad, and The Ghostly – Jillian Terwedo-Malsbury, United States
Splinter – Marc Bernardin, United States
Void – Yusuke Iwasaki, Japan
Brooding – Michael Quinn, United States
The Trail – Joseph Ollman, United Kingdom
Drawn – Ty Clancey, United States
Mattress Express – Noah Morse, United States


Mind-bending narratives that will evoke tension, intrigue, and paranoia amongst the viewers. Intricate films that will bend the limits of reality, with twists that will leave us all breathless. Showcasing films that highlight the art of building suspense and delivering thrills, with complex characters, clever plots, and relentless pacing, this film block promises to keep your hearts racing and your minds engaged.

Shadow on the Terrace – Bo-wei Ling, Taiwan
A Milky Way – Quentin Moll-Van Roye, Belgium
For Sale – Yongseop Lee, Korea, Republic of
Them Upstairs – Mark Buckland, United Kingdom
The Truckman – Andrea M. Catinella, United Kingdom
Mose – Luca Dal Lago, Italy
Hangman – Sam Upton, United States
Particulars In The Abyss – Octavio Rivera Ramírez, Mexico


Families can be beautiful, challenging, and unique, all at the same time. From inspiring stories about overcoming obstacles to highlights of joy and heartwarming feelings, these films will express the love and struggles of families. Tales on tight-knit bonds and resilience.

Chipper – Shaun MacLean, United States
Norma – Payam Razi, Czech Republic
Motherland – Denise Khng, Singapore
Good Friday – Ethel Jagolkowski Kfir, Spain
Before the Moonrise – Mário Patrocínio, Portugal
Nothing Happened – Katya Yakubov, United States
Beneath a Mother’s Feet – Elias Suhail, United Kingdom
Slippers – Mark Ryan Walberg, United States
The Mulberry Tree – Cornelia Schöpf, Federico Campana, Italy


Whimsical adventures to light-hearted tales of incredible animations that will transport us into new realms and worlds. Visually stunning films that, with vibrant colors and creative characters, will invite us to celebrate the artistry of every frame.

Fitting In – Apoorva Gaitonde, United States
Candy – Xun Ying, China
Papirola – Fabián Molinaro San Martín, Spain
A Robot Rom Com – Jonathan Hludzinski, United States
Cole Krsuá – David Castro González, Spain
The Sound Collector – Mood Music – Chris Tichborne, United Kingdom
The Grand Mother – Julia Hazuka, Poland
Return To Hairy Hill – Daniel Gies, Canada
Lulu – Michelle Zheng, United States
The Smile – Erik van Schaaik, Netherlands
Affentanz – Hunter – Cyprian Hercka, Germany
Ryta Ray – Frequency Of Love – Nikita Kvasnikov, Ukraine
Lioness – A Freedom Project for Iran – Arrad Rahgoshay, United States
Let me breathe – Katarina Brglez, Slovenia
Sabotage – Neda Ivanović, Slovenia
Chill Stacy, chill – Tamara Taskova, Slovenia
(Un)Lucky Day – Karin Likar, Slovenia
V I A – Jiaqi Kang, Yilan Huang, United States
Traumfänger – Tristan Aramis Neuberger, Austria


Intimate portraits of extraordinary individuals about the explorations of their lives, the moments that shaped their realities. Authentic stories of discovery and reflection with thought-provoking perspectives from all around the world.

The Flight of the Dragonflies – Iñaki Alforja Sagone, Spain
An Oath – Voy Tlisov, Russian Federation
4801 Nights – Laurence Michel, France
Incarnate – Michael Gilbertie, United States
Every Day After – Elisa Gambino, United States


Abstract visuals and unconventional narratives are predominant in this block. Daring films showcasing a selection of bold innovative stories, that challenge the norms and explore new territories. This block will invite viewers to see cinema in a completely new light.

What The River Taught Me – Martin Leon, Felix St-Jacques, Canada
What If Women Ruled The World? – Giulia Magno, Italy
Con Artist – Griffin Glendinning, Addison Rafford, United States
Nieb – Valentina Khodnevich, United Kingdom
Artist – Anai Diaz, Canada
Corelli – Trio Sonata, op. 3 no. 5 – Jean Detheux, Canada
She – Emil Dam Seidel, Sweden
In My Skin – Samira “Goldie” Körner, Germany
Flying Sheep – Alexandra Gulea, Romania
Uranian Sons – Miguel Martín Betancor, Germany
The Last Embrace – Diego Contreras, United States
Mug – Yegor Bugayenko, Ukraine
Evocator – Francesco Massimiliano Gozzo, Italy
If the number 13 didn’t exist – Serge Bonafous, France
Saborrrr! – Gianfranco Fernández-Ruiz, United States


From tales of personal struggle and relentless perseverance to inspiring journeys of triumph over hardship, this block presents a series of short films that explore the strength and determination of individuals facing extraordinary challenges and adversities. With raw and authentic we can find the portrayal of people navigating through life’s toughest moments, highlighting their resilience, courage, and the fuel that fights for their survival.

Barefoot From Beirut – Andrew Dawaf, Lebanon
Province – Alexander Norton, United States
Endless Sea – Sam Shainberg, United States
Dog Run – Lorna Nickson Brown, United Kingdom
In the dark – Mor Talla Ndione, France
Ghost Kitchen – Elliot Peters, United States
The Hall Under The River – Melissa Budweg Duarte, Germany
Stero – Millan Tarus, Tevin Kimathi, Kenya
Deserters – Guido Zanghi, United Kingdom


From heart-wrenching tales of unrequited love and profound loss to uplifting stories of passion and enduring bonds, each film in this selection showcases the power of storytelling to touch the heart and stir the soul. This block highlights the emotional journeys of his characters during their most intense and their most tender moments.

Valeria – Olga Khoreva, Russian Federation
Count My Lov3 – Ewa Japola, Poland
Nucleaire – Roxanne Peguet, Luxembourg
Of Kisses And Capes – Elena Weiss, Germany
The Delicacy – Jacek Nastal, Poland
Soulmate – Richard Fenwick, United Kingdom
While Fingernails Grow – Leandro Rial, Brazil
Rumia – Anthony Vazquez, United States


These films center on the experiences, challenges, and triumphs of women. Showcasing their strength, resilience, and complexity, we get a glimpse into these women’s lives. Their identity, empowerment, love, and perseverance, creates a powerful cinematic experience that speaks to the heart and mind.

Mara Has Three Jobs in San Juan, Puerto Rico – Ana Verde, United States
The Volcano And The Baby – Danielle Jaeggi, Switzerland
AcceptancE – Leeron Revah, Israel
Go with Grace – Domini Marshall, Australia
The Walk – Eleonora Veninova, Macedonia
Lines – Sara Werner, United States
Straightaway – Tyler Fennyery, United States
Maddie’s Cards – Jenelle Faith Smith, United States
The Mummy – Nicki McCubbing, United Kingdom
Black China – Nicolai Sagasser, Germany
Miss Temperance – Jeremy McClain, United Kingdom


From unique protagonists and unconventional narratives to groundbreaking visual styles and experimental techniques, each film in this selection pushes the boundaries of creativity, offering fresh perspectives and original approaches that captivate and inspire with distinctive storytelling.

What I am worth – Yann Jeannotin, France
The Cascade – Pablo Delgado Sanchez, Mexico
Rat Tat Tat – Keisuke Sakuma, Japan
Nymphose – Jonas Alexander, France
The Sun That Flew Away – Ania Jamila, Canada
Sob – Ekaterina Gorbacheva, Russian Federation
Until You See Me – Eleanna Santorinaiou, Greece
X – Mareike Wegener, Germany


Inspiring biographies and personal journeys to raw and unfiltered portrayals of real-life events. Exploring the truth of human experience, these powerful narratives bring to light the struggles, achievements, and everyday realities of remarkable people.

Between Me and The Sea – Mohsin Mohi Ud Din, Rafe Scobey-Thal, United States
Constrained – Ana Maldonado, United States
The Archive: Queer Nigerians – Simisolaoluwa Akande, United Kingdom
Interstice – Paul Emmanuel Lastennet, France
How May I Help You – Ella Harmon, United States
Joselo – Josia Francisco Dominguez, Dominican Republic
Father Figures – Alessandro Chille, United States


From deeply personal journeys to bold explorations of identity and self-discovery, each film in this selection introduces us to characters who break the mold and redefine what it means to be truly unique. Fresh films that shine a spotlight on characters with unique identities and perspectives, crafted by talented student filmmakers from prestigious film schools around the globe.

Tenement – Can Baran, Turkey
Edward Has A Tree Inside Him – Kristoffer Lucia, Australia
The Song Of The Beasts – Titouan Ropert, France
Out Of Tune – Blaž Andrašek, Slovenia
The Paradox Project – Bashar Al Murabea, Germany
Clearing – Arta Kroni, Slovenia
Frants – Natalia Polonskaia, Slovenia
ReaLife – Srdjan Jankovic, Serbia


This electrifying film block features a selection of short films that deliver non-stop action, intense thrills, and edge-of-your-seat excitement, all crafted by talented student filmmakers from prestigious film schools around the globe. Let them transport you to a world of excitement and adventure, where every second counts and every frame is charged with intensity.

Tongue Tied – Maria Giurgea, Slovenia
Art Choke – Joe Mouannes, Lebanon
Vespa – Olívia Ramos, United States
Leaving Yellowstone – Kayla Arend, United States
Five Seconds of Fame – Filip Sluga, Slovenia
All Around Me – Tamara Kirina, Slovenia
A Human Odyssey – Milan Bajčetić, Slovenia
The Window – Nel Jeraj Sedej, Slovenia
Veritas – Staš Zupanc, Slovenia
The Little Hole – Rocco Ferrante, France


These talented student filmmakers bring fresh perspectives and authentic voices to their stories, providing a raw and relatable look from the trials of adolescence and the search for identity to the joys and heartbreaks of young love. Each film in this collection explores the universal experiences that define the coming-of-age genre.

The Wedding Dress – Rama Moussa, Palestine
Decir Adiós – Ivanna Valentina Gomez Sanchez, Mexico
Awaken Me – Arman Grigoryan, Germany
Coast – Francisco Dias, Portugal
Domesticated – Oskar Hegge, Norway
Bound – Abigail Porter Feavers, United Kingdom
Alternative Transport – Ana Logar, Slovenia
Icolette – Christopher Miles Powers, Sophia Wolfe, United States