Jesse Boyle is an Australian born multi-disciplined Film Director and Writer with bases out of Sydney and Los Angeles. Most well-known for his role as International touring artist for Chase Atlantic, Jesse has taken his creativity and experience and aligned them towards Filmmaking.

His filmography includes his debut Short Film ‘You Are The Ocean’, which stands at 7 award wins, 4 nominations, 2 honourable mentions, 1 semi-finalist ranking and an additional 8 official selections, with more festival results pending to date.

We know that you are mostly recognised as an international touring artist with the international band Chase Atlantic. How did you jump from your music career into filmmaking?

I think they go hand in hand in a lot of ways. I’ve always felt like I’ve had something more to share and express than what I can on stage.

You are the Director, Writer, producer and Editor of the film. How much did you enjoy the whole filmmaking experience?

It was fantastic! I couldn’t have done it without the amazing people who helped it come to life. They are such talents, and I can’t wait to work with them again soon. To take on all those roles was somewhat of a necessary thing to do to make sure the Film got made. It’s a lot on the plate, even for a short, but all in all it was super rewarding.

Already working on the next one!

Would you say that You are the ocean fits within the film concept category you look forward to making?

Yes and no! I have a lot of genre-specific ideas that I’m developing at the moment, with a clear storyline that isn’t as ambiguous as You are the Ocean. However, I still want to shoot this kind of form as well. Ultimately, my mind will dictate what kind of genre to make. I don’t really think about what I ‘need’ to make or what I ‘should’ make. It’s usually an idea that sticks in my mind and whether that be an experimental, a thriller or a drama – I’ll make it. If it feels right and has the message I truly care about, I’ll make it, regardless of genre and parameters to work in.

Just not comedies – I’m not funny enough to pull those off!

Would you agree to say that You are the Ocean makes the audience question themselves specially about how we perceive things and, therefore, how we believe we understand them?

I hope it does make the audience question those things. I think, specifically, when it comes to an intimate relationship there must be acceptance. The film is really exploring the theme of accepting someone for what they are and who they are. Things change, people change. We are a volatile species with incredibly complex minds and emotions.

We can’t just accept the easy and placid without accepting the complex and powerful. They co-exist. To reject one of those elements in someone, is to reject it all.