Since I was a child I have cultivated my passion for drawing.
As I grew up I felt the need to somehow give life to what I created, so I approached the world of animation. I am currently enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna.
I like to experiment with animation in all its techniques, from traditional animation, to cut animation, to rotoscope.
I feel the need to create and express something of my own. Through images I try to express my feelings and emotions. I like to deal with science fiction themes, where children and mysterious creatures are the protagonists, where fantasy is an escape from reality.
“Trick or treat?” is my first animated short film.

Letizia, in your biography, you stated that you are currently a graduate student from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, specializing in Cinema and Audiovisual Languages. Would you share with our audience today what Audiovisual Languages’ scope is?

For me the scope of this language is to try to transmit emotions and feelings through images, trying to use words as little as possible. In a world so full of words, silence is underestimated.

Do you believe that your hard work as well as your feelings and emotions is all that fed into what the film finally became?

I hope so. Animation for me is a way to bring out what i feel because for me is easier comunicate what i feel with images rather than words.

Did the music come to life once the Animation was finished or was it composed along with its crafting?

The music came to life once the animation and editing phase was over. Thanks to the talent of the composer Antonino Bono, “Trick or treat?” was born a second time.